Breakers, Circuits, Meter Poles, Panels & Surge Protectors


Power & Protection

Do you have breakers that constantly trip? Are you
concerned about the age or condition of your main
electrical panel? Maybe you need to upgrade the amps
to provide more power. Give the pros at RWB the power
to solve your panel problems once and for all.

Has a recent storm caused a power outage in your area?
These surges can destroy your home appliances and
electronics. It is wise to invest in a whole home surge
protector for your connected devices. Ask us for details.

When a meter pole begins to deteriorate due to rot or
is leaning due to weather it can cause the wires to
become exposed creating a serious safety hazard. Call us
to fix you right up.

Repair & Replacement

RWB Electrical has effectively and quickly assisted us with our various electrical repair needs. They are professional, knowledgeable and very responsive.

Kaitlin Smith

Made an appointment to install two fans and they came the very next day right on time. He did a very good job and was on and out with no issues. I will for sure use them again and refer people I know to them.

J Taylor

How can we help you? If you need immediate service please call us at 832-307-7967. No solicitations please.


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